The digitally sophisticated way of transportation

EV, it’s name itself becomes an exclusive brand image.

Electric Vehicle is in their background preparation to be ready to the finest choice for the coming generation. 

Norway, Singapore, USA, China, and India are leading a massive target in EV production. 

Electric Car- The Future Of Transportation

EV is an innovation of the 18th century that comes back with technological advancements.

The consumer rate is low yet because of its initial cost and lack of baseline information about how EVs work.

We need to get to know more about EV, the product of technological advancement with a reliable source, and make us to take a decision.

It is estimated that in the next 5 years the cost of the EV will be equal to the cost of the fuel drinking vehicle.

In Singapore and Norway, the consumer rate is top, and internal-combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) are replaced by EV within the last few years. It shows a positive sign of adaptation.

Nearly 50% of Norway’s cars are EVs.

Marques such as BMW, Vespa, and Harley Davidson are also begun their projects on EV.

Electric car deployment has been growing rapidly over the past ten years.


 Silent, smooth and quick – Fun to drive

It provides more comfort space as the absence of a bulky engine like in an ICEV.

The lower cost and maintenance to the brakes, tires, and suspension, and no need for Frequent oil change, spark plugs, routine maintenance makes it differ from ICEV.

EVs are not needed for an exhaust system, fuel injection systems, Piston and radiators make it particularly simple and very effective. 

EV is powered by the pack of lithium-ion cells, the direct source of power from battery makes the instant power delivery to the induction motor.

While complex mechanisms like piston action and internal combustion of fuels took place in ICE during power production and result in more carbon emission.

Electric cars give us a cleaner environment, making our towns and cities a better place to be for pedestrians and cyclists.

The low height battery pack that placed close to the ground level will lower the vehicle center of gravity which ensures more safety to the vehicle from rollover.

Quick acceleration and regenerative braking system is a distinct feature. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, the car starts slowing down.

 Induction motor will work efficiently in any speed range, no need of varying transmission

EV is compact with road F1 racing and proved its performance.

Its silent engine, single-speed gearbox system, and digitalized technologies provide ease for the driving. 

Energy independent: It is the valid point of EV, We can recharge its battery at the home, office, or space everywhere there is a power source and Cheaper to fuel them than gasoline power vehicles.


Charging anxiety drives consumers to get back from EV, it needs to ensure more charging networks available in the city.

Driver anxiety about the range of the car gives rise to the concern of frequent charging.

Manufactures are begun to implement their network of supercharging spots with the support of Govt, You can easily track charging spots with the GPS in the car and can avoid the charge anxiety.

 Now we theoretically can’t estimate the battery range of EV because it is varied by its model of different brands frequently as Charging infrastructure is developing every day. So it’s important to choose the one that will best meet your driving needs when you plan to buy the car.

And still charging time is also a concern, Advancing technology will soon rectify the time consumption of charging. However, with 15 minutes of charging you can cover an extensive range of distance. 

Tesla has its network of supercharger stations, they design the charger to deliver a huge amount of energy into the car quickly. But if you want to get a full battery which you have to wait quite a time for having a snack.

Many EV manufacturers are researching on batteries, We can except for more diversity of innovation and better infrastructure in the scene.

Volcopter:  Commercial air taxi service in Singapore, which experimenting the next generation of aerial transportation with electric power engines.

Electric Tuk-tucks, air cabs, aircrafts, even hoverboards are becoming electric now.

The government is more inclined to the EV manufacturers to reduce carbon footprint.


 It developed as a solution for the increasing climate pollution from carbon emission. American car manufactures tried to integrate electric power engines with fuel cars and formed Hybrid cars, but the real revolution in the field came out from japan. In 2000, Toyota introduced the Prius, the first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid.

Later Tesla, GM, Nissan other manufactures came into the action and made an evolutionary change in the realm of transportation.

Ev and Pollution Fact :

Is EV don’t produce a lot of emissions?

Yes, during the manufacturing period of EV batteries causes the emission of carbon footprint results in a dreadful impact on the environment than in ICEV.

An enormous amount of fossil fuels are used to produce the source of energy that causes the most pollution while coal power plants used for the production of energy in many countries.

38% of world electricity still comes from burning coal

Lithium mining is terrible for the environment, which concerning the effects of our ecosystem.

This means electric cars have zero percentage carbon emission, its contribution is that they can improve air quality in towns and cities but we have to replace fuel power plants by renewable and eco-friendly energy sources.

Flaws of EV

· It is impractical to implement energy sources in poor countries, mountains, and other hilly areas.

· Production of EV Batteries will cause rising in carbon footprint.

· Mining of Lithium and Cobalt is harming to the ecosystem

· Limited Driving Range which causes charge anxiety

· Higher charging time for battery

· Initial coast is very expensive 

Automakers are working with battery technology and are developing rapidly. More efficient manufacturing techniques soon will rectify these defects.

Another tale of the automation industry will begin with the completion of fully developed Electronic vehicles and the successor of EV will Autonomous vehicles or vehicles of Artificial Intelligence.

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