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Humanity and Arising of Auroville

The Global peace index of humanity showing that Racism, Gender inequality, and the lowering level of human connection are steadily going and become symbolic of all modern nations.

There is always an imaginary line that separates people into two divisions, and the division of the upper class and lower class is further familiar to us.

Money is the standard that determines the human class in our society. 

Oddly, the rich remain rich and different laws for different persons become an accepted social condition in the community. 

It continues and happening because of the perceptions we gained and the lesser awareness of our rights and human consciousness.

There must be only one class; it should be the class of humanity.

 Human basic instinct becomes making space for inequality and distinct classes. We are creating social injustice and supporting them unconsciously.

For example, Celebrities from various fields got celebrity status by the audience, and we make payment for them over ticket and tax for their job.

 Yet so, the largest populations are devoting and blindly following them as they are superior creatures and creating an illusion of class difference.

A question is waiting unsolved; Why farmers and soldiers who are the backbone of our nation did not get that recognition and support from our society that we giving to movie stars and politicians. (It is the current condition in most nations)

People who work for daily or monthly wages, especially our youngsters, are the scholars of the diverse branded clothes, luxurious cars, and the inside living of their celebrity crush, and they are spending money on it.

They are stalking and blindly following the materialistic illusion that they never needed in life.

While entrepreneurs are focusing only on their business ideas and busy in creating their brand images, and they convince others into their products and make a profit.

Their products and ideas manipulating common people’s interests and literally control your emotions and way of behavior to act in certain circumferences. Simply nearly everybody is addicted to the illusion of new trends and fashion created by the capitalist.

It exceeds the time to rethink our current social structure and perceptions.

And in the same sense, we are living in an era of Yogi celebrities. It shows how fragile we are.

When a person gets lost in this materialistic world, he/she gradually finds a spiritual guru for guidance, but Guru is the highest brand now. We make them celebrities.

A real Guru is a guide that devotes themselves to help humanity and as they believe in their system and can full fill their life’s purpose.

In these circumferences, an ideal society provides equality where people living with one identity as human, and harmony is a Utopian concept.

Surprisingly; A few years back, a visionary mother makes an initiation for reestablishing humanity and establish a city with her colleagues to teach and preserve for the modern world what they are losing.

Arising Of Auroville

Auroville, meaning the City of the Dawn, is a model universal township established in Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Auroville was not an accidental society; It has historical growth and transformation that enact by the enthusiasm and vision of Mirra Alfassa (known to her followers as The Mother) and her followers. 

The township intends to be a universal town accepted to everyone without the inquisition of caste, gender, origin and can live in peace and harmonic unity with nature despite all creeds and all politics. 

Now Auroville is a self-sustaining community with all basic facilities fulfilled and stands as a symbol of unity in diversity.

 Auroville is managed by a foundation set up by the Indian government and with the association of UNESCO.

If you are seeking humanity and desire to explore yourself or be in taking part with the growing initiation for world progress, implement your ideas with no obligations without the burden of money. Then Auroville is the place for you. 

It’s an ideal place, showing afferent spheres of human unity and its scope. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Peculiarities Of Auroville

Auroville is not a conventional vacationist destination to plentiful your time and money.

Here individual values are taken care of away from money and wealth.

 Every person receives the same salary every month, no matter their qualification or nature of work.

 Auroville generates income from donations, payments from tourists, and tourism. They use digital currency via cards instead of paper currency.

There is no written law with usual regulations and duties. Everyone is free here yet with zero crime rate.

Here every person does many activities collectively Collective kitchens, laundry, Everything is an ongoing process with the collaboration of residents. 

It is a developing and flexible city that adopts the profile of modernism, yet it maintains the ecosystem by preserving nature.

When you consume the products of nature, learn to leave a lesser footprint.

If you use more of anything you need on the overall scale of things, you are committing a crime against all life.        


They maintain sustainable energy and depend on the maximum amount of natural renewable sources and encourage the restoration of materials and maximize their consciousness to use eco-friendly technologies.

The Matrimandir (Sanskrit for Temple of The Mother) is a masterwork in the entire town and an attraction that signifies spirituality. It is the place for practitioners of Integral yoga and meditation In the center of Auroville.

 It is called the soul of the city and is established in the center of the entire town of a large open space called Peace. Matrimandir does not belong to any religion or section, but visitors should make an appointment.

The Matrimandir is a vast sphere surrounded by twelve petals shaped structure. Inside the central dome is a meditation hall known as the inner chamber – this contains the largest optically perfect glass globe in the world. 

The education system 

Interestingly, there is no specific syllabus for a child. He/she can choose their subjects and methods of study. No one is going to compel them for a competitive examination. 

It goes with the principle of education is an ongoing process until your last beats stop.

Arts, science, farming, industrial works, anything you like can learn and apply in Auroville. It is open to new ideas.

In Auroville, spirituality is not about worship, here the Spiritual concept is a tool that is used to master your mind and to uplift human consciousness. It is the collaboration of integral yoga and meditation.

For every section in Auroville, it fits with unique specs and it’s just an outline of the town. Visit and stay for a better knowledge of the living of Auroville and conquer the world with love.

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