What have we done to Our Home?

In every walk in with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

  John Muir

This quote itself gives you a vivid idea and the sensation of the topic without an introduction. Perhaps I would take a large essay to describe our mother nature.

Whenever you spend time with nature, it is like listening to your favorite music in your cozy space. It can show your aesthetic soul.

But today, if u wish to have a meetup with nature, it must be a strenuous task for most of you, and some of us are virtually impossible. Since human activities are destroying our nature every day, that nature is not anymore. Nature has changed a lot, at least in its physical structure. 

Human, infant of nature, distinguished by a more highly developed brain. Whenever this new species strengthened, the wreck of nature begins.

Human and Nature

Nature was always the favorite theme of poets (/artists), Since it contains the inner spectrum of the human soul, they appear in songs, stories, even quotes to symbolize our emotions. 

However, our indelicate actions which result only in reverse effect to our mother nature. It gets poisoning by human activities, willingly or not we do the same mistake over and again.

Today it becomes immensely relevant, the words of a 16-year-old teenager. Who is now a youth icon and a paragon to the world when her actions start to speaks;

 “You all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?” she said. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words, and yet, I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing.” 

Greta Thunberg

A visibly emotional speech of Greta Thunberg, a teen Swedish climate activist, she was addressing at a United Nations summit about dangerous global heating.

Here Thunberg is demanding and warning the world leaders about the necessity to take an immediate action plan on climate change. She questioning and criticizing science and politics about nothing to do when they know everything and leave nothing to the next generation.

The sophisticated growth of the advancement of science and technology completely changes the world outlook and the way of human life. However, it only provides a negative effect on the environment and no one is thinking about the future of the coming generations.

The role of Thunberg is to become prominent here, while her elders are acting as nothing happens, it makes her raise her voice. She inspires youngsters.

Greta Thunberg at the front banner of the FridaysForFuture

Days after millions of young people joined protests worldwide to demand emergency action on climate change, it unites them for a better future of better climate and environment. While our generation rests at the lap of nature, they are struggling for protecting our environment for the next generation and generation.

Ecosystem and Human Impact

The problem is we are not much aware of the consequences; We are social beings but tries to isolate from each other and led a life running after money and power. 

 We are in a system called the ecosystem where we can’t be superior or inferior. It interconnects every group of animals and plants interacting in nature with each other, in a lot of distinct ways with its physical surrounding and makes up an environment for the existence of life.

Nature is the home to an enormous variety of animals’ life, nature automatically recycles the substance vital for life and they put back into the ecosystem. 

If once there breaks a chain which means a factor cause for extinct of an organism it not only affects the organism of the same species, it will affect the whole ecosystem.

Food Chain

We have developed a science branch for the study of these relationships which called ecology. Here we can analyze how things in order and how human intervention is disturbing it.

The ecosystem does not always stay the same it alters over time by winds, earthquakes, volcanos are the common phenomena that change the structure of the ecosystem. It helps maintain the earth’s natural balance, it’s like trees absorb and release gases that regulate the climate. 

Whereas people in action can change the ecosystem, it brings changes but is irreversible and nature can’t repair the damage.  It affects the natural cycle of the environment.

For example, Deforestation and the excess use of fertilizers and pesticides cause the depletion of minerals of the soil, waterway pollution, and air pollution which results in severe damage to the environment.

Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson, with an element of critical theory that contemplates a wholly new relationship between humans and nature and became one of the most influential books in the modern environmental movement.

It took her four years to complete the book and which caused a major shift in public consciousness about the environment. 

Her research shows how pesticides work and kill the insects for weeks and months and remained as a toxic substance in the environment. Carson concluded that DDT and other pesticides had irrevocably harmed animals and had contaminated the world’s food supply.

They published the book in 1962, and the content of the book is still valid and more credible, generations changed, technologies grew, Developments in all sectors happened except the unconventional methods of agriculture and waste management.

Knock down of trees

 As days passing, the rate of deforestation and pollution increases, farmlands are disappearing, wildlife is gradually decreasing as habitants destruction, overall the natural equilibrium of nature is under the great threat, threatened by humans.

Ocean wildlife is also suffering, the vast body of water is home to a great verity of plants and animals. There are still many places humans can’t explore, remain a mystery. However, there is no place left from the adverse effects of human activities.

Ocean Pollution

Animals in Danger

Animals and plants evolving and becoming extinct is a pattern of life on earth. Massive extinction of organisms may occur by the extinction of a single plant. We already discussed that it’s like a chain reaction, it connects one to another.

In the past 500 years ago 100 of the species of animals become extinct, they have disappeared from the earth forever.

Tiger, African and Asian elephants, the Black Rhino, whales and some of more are under the threat of extinction.

Because their habitats have destroyed, illegal hunting for their flesh and bone and a lesser-known fact that a lot of these animals are killed for blind beliefs such as black magic.

Our coming generations will watch the animals in the zoo and forest in pictures. The survival television series shows like Man vs Wild which depicts the human and wildlife relation are goanna makes them amaze more than any movie of Christopher Nolan or Stanlee.

No animal is safe in the presence of humans and no human can exist without the cycle of the ecosystem, and the extinction of plants and animals shows the instability and validity of the ecosystem.

Pollution Fact File

Pollution is not a new phenomenon for us. It has been a problem since the appearance of our earliest ancestors. The lifestyle and habits of people with increasing populations have opened the door to more crises of pollutions and unknown diseases.

Pollution happens when the unwanted gases and other chemical particles are escape into the environment and has a harmful effect.

Smog pollution

The industrial process and pollution are highly increasing every day, it pollutes both water and air which results in global warming and health issues. Carbon monoxide from vehicle exhausts is a poisonous gas to humans and organisms, it prevents the absorption of O2.

Nitrogen oxide that in the environment reacts with sunlight to produce dense smog, which is a serious issue facing metro cities.

They report acid rain first in the 19h century, which shows another immense problem. Acid rain which forms when N2 oxide and water combine with other chemicals from volcanic eruptions and human sources reacts and combines with rain and fall as acid rain. It is very harmful to water sources, plants, and even buildings.

It’s the time we should act, we should begin, no one is waiting for us. It must be our top priority protection of the Earth.

Global warming and climate change are challenging us, natural resources are under unprecedented pressure, it is vital to ask how human relationships with the natural world might be improved.

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