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haha, Love not for us!!!

There was a time I stuck between my two buddies’ ideologies, one who is eagerly waiting for his dream girl, and another who is changing his girlfriend every six months.

The common factor is here with my friends are they are not in love; both are only focusing on the view of love in its physical sense.

Of course, the understandings we attain from the loving prince and princess tales influenced us a lot to create myths and perceptions about love.

As we look, a few years back, the primary concern of the teens was making a person fall for them. Today it is easier than a breakup.

It’s just your time and consistency that determine your success in winning over a person’s emotion, which we called love. This emotion developed on certain neediness of people called desire, care, support, and curiosity.

Nowadays, people are focusing on how to not fall in love again and when their perspiration about love changes into reality.

As a person, you have many potential and opportunities to explore and compose an exclusive carrier in the present world. Once you befell into this emotional state of love, you may get compelled to sacrifice your preferences and affairs.

Love is an emotion that fluctuates with the situation, time, and circumferences for each person.

Outlines about love

Love only happens when you genuinely care and trust your partner with no conditions. It’s about respecting and valuing your partner’s feelings.

It needs your trust, responsibility, commitment, and willingness.

There is a popular western philosophy that everyone has a soul mate, and it is an abstract belief while It’s a deliberate effort of two persons that make themselves soul mates.

However, eventually, after togetherness, the excitement and raw passion you felt yearly in love will get fade away.

Because as time flies, your responsibility will enlarge with the trust issues and insecurities. Your potential and thrive for love becomes a burden, and you will get started questioning your life’s purpose and your beloved partner.

There are different aspects of being in love; Romantic love, Lust driven love, conscious love.

Marriage and Society

Marriage is a well constructed social ethic institution for two persons to meet their needs in an organized way. 

Human beings have physical and emotional needs. There will be situations you need your partner’s shoulder to mourn and share your prosperity. 
As a mammal, we have physical and emotional needs for establishing the law of nature to carry out life.

And theoretically, marriage is perfect alignment, but essentially there are a lot of efforts and agreements required to work out this fancy innovation.

Most of us used to this arrangement by sacrificing our true identity as an individual. They are the combination of two different souls stringed together with the cultural norms and traditions and force them to marry and bring up a family. 

No relationships will not work based on a set of rules. It should have an equally mixed essence of trust, care, respect, and vulnerabilities. 

I am not against the concept of marriage; it makes a disciplined society. But I Am here opposing the people’s willingness to take part in such a ceremony without knowing what they are after.

 So I am suggesting you make sure what is your way. You can live as a free soul with no commitments or just being under social norms with a lot of promises and responsibilities.

Remember, you don’t want to drag another soulful person to your ideologies and make them suffer with you, and it’s ampler not to commit to anyone and to be free.

Today, even children become victims of this emotion; once they fall in love, they act like adults. They are leaving their exciting memories of childhood for such an addictive nonsense emotion.

Each person has different perceptions and reasons to not fall in love, but most of them are denied love because of their insecurities, provocation, and imperfections. But more than that, it is all about your choice for willingness and commitment.

If you don’t want to confine yourself in a smaller circle with somebody for a lifetime and you can’t take responsibility and keep up your promises, you shouldn’t try it. You don’t want to make a person’s life fragile.

So we must understand love is not just about the stimulated feeling and it is a conscious responsibility that truly dedicated persons can only follow. 

 There is a famous movie: “Friends with benefits ” which portraits beautifully the relation between two persons with no emotional attachment as they know emotions can hurt.

The popularity of such movies depicts the audience’s approach and viewpoint for the requirement of new design in a relationship.

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